Busyboard Cabin With Light

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Busyboard Cabin with Light

metal wood

The Cheeky Brikey's Busyboard is an educational game complex that will captivate every kid.
The toy was created for the development of: small motor, coordination of movements, perseverance, memory, imagination, logic, cause and effect.
The number of game elements is so great that the Cheeky Brikeys bizibord will for a long time become the most beloved and useful toy for your baby!
The house has 6 sides. On the roof there is a chalk board and insert numbers. On the other sides are: gears, lacing, ratchet, traffic light, doors with various locks, cards with geometric figures and animals, a bell, a labyrinth with a cloud, a clock, a drum with colorful drawings, a light switch, zippers, Velcro, fasteners.
House with light. It is turned on with a switch outside the bunny and bear, and inside the house.
Bizibord elements are designed according to the method of Maria Montessori.
The business board has been tested and has a certificate of quality. It is completely safe for the child.

Age restrictions: + 6 months.
Weight of goods with packaging (g): 2600g.
Country of brand: Russia
Country of Origin: Russia


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