Candies Babaevsky Original With Hazelnuts

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The elegant Babaevsky Original candies with hazelnuts will decorate any tea table. Under the shiny rustling wrappers are neat sweets made of halvich-chocolate filling with cocoa and crushed hazelnuts, covered with chocolate icing. Bright notes of peanuts and chocolate with light shades of crispy hazelnut perfectly combine with both tea and coffee. Convenient packaging 200 g.

Grated peanuts, confectionery glaze (sugar, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa powder, emulsifiers E322, E476, flavor identical to natural “Vanilla”), molasses, sugar, crushed hazelnut kernel, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, E322 emulsifier, licorice extract root, flavor identical to the natural Chocolate Truffle, antioxidant - ascorbic acid, table salt. Energy value per 100g of product, g: proteins 14.8; fats 34.9; carbohydrates 41.6.


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