Сup Holder Capercaillie

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Сup holder Capercaillie nickel-plated with mobile in a case

The writing:
brass crystal

The cup holder is an invariable attribute of Russian tea drinking, a rare and valuable thing that does not lose its charm and relevance.
Coasters appeared in Russian life at the beginning of the 20th century, when porcelain and faience were rejected in the manufacture of glassware in favor of glass. So that hot glasses do not burn my hands, they put it in a metal cup holder with a handle. Over time, quality glass holders have become an integral attribute of the homes and offices of major executives - and now have become a vivid symbol of a bygone era.
The cup holder and now remains an expensive gift.

The cup holder is made of brass and plated with nickel, the glass is crystal, the volume of the glass is 250 ml. The set is packed in a gift case.

Product Width: 13 cm
Item Height: 13 cm
Shipping Weight (g): 750 g


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